About Us

About Us

Everything that you ever wanted to know About BushraArts.com - India's Online Craft Supplies Store


BushraArts.com is a product of Bushra Arts Private Limited providing best with widest range only online art and craft supplies store as well as handcrafted items store.  With over 100+ products (and growing), BushraArts.com is the number one destination for all your crafty needs.
What started as a random idea to make craft tools accessible soon turned into a mission to make art and craft supplies available to artists and crafters across the country. So we decided to make a portal where we can provide all craft needs tools, supplies as well as handcrafted items in one place.

Imran Khan - The Director of Bushra Arts Private Limited.
Imran Khan has extensive experience in Software Development, and have worked in reputed companies in India. Presently he is also working with Accretive Health as Software Engineer where he is responsible for development and automation within the developer community in India. 

Imran Khan has attended Jamia Millia Islamia where he learnt all things crafts. He is also a graphic designer, artist, photographer and an avid lover arts & crafts. With a versatile experience spanning craft projects both personal and professional, Imran instinctively knows what other crafters would need and love. And decided to make a portal where he can provide all things crafts and tools with the best market price so that every artist or craft-lover person can get all things easily. With BushraArts.com, they have managed to bring together what each understands best!

And this is not the over, he has also developed a portal Shilp!dea.com where every artist & craft-person can sell their handmade goods and make their passion into business. Shilp!dea is also a product of Bushra Arts Private Limited.


The registered / administrative office & retail store is in Delhi.

So there you are. Like we said, everything you wanted to know about BushraArts.com.


Go Ahead! Shop for the art & craft tools that fascinate you, and make your passion into business by creating, sharing & selling by your own shop at www.shilpidea.com. You can also join our Facebook page at facebook.com/BushraArts to showcase your craft projects.

Like what we are doing? Or there is something that will help us get better? We would love to hear from you.



Happy Quick & Crafty!!